Conference hotels in Istanbul

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Istanbul is located in western Turkey on the northern shores of the Sea of Marmara. The city straddles both sides of the Bosporus, meaning it lies in both Asia and Europe. Istanbul is the only city in the world that can claim to belong to two continents, and is thus a melting pot of cultures, traditions and ideas. So it’s no wonder every corner of Istanbul exudes incredible energy and tremendous dynamism.

Founded by the Greeks, the former Byzantium and Constantinople became the megacity of Istanbul – the most populous city in Turkey. It is also the centre of culture, trade, finance and media, where almost all major Turkish companies are headquartered.

The skyline is dominated by buildings dating back to the Greco-Roman Antiquity and medieval Byzantium, though contemporary, modern Turkey has also asserted itself. Naturally, palaces, mosques, churches, synagogues and ‘cemevleri’ (cultural meeting houses of Alevites) also belong to the cityscape. The historic old town has even been declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

Conference hotels in Istanbul – Meetings at the Bosporus

Two large airports constitute the most important transport hubs for almost 12 million visitors from all over the world. Looking for a conference hotel near the airport or want to stay longer in this megalopolis? Conference hotels that offer outstanding infrastructure for seminars, business meetings and conferences are located throughout the whole city, as well as reputable hotel chains with modern conference facilities.

We’ll find the right meeting venue for any size event. Large events with more than 1000 participants can be held at the ICC – Istanbul Congress Centre, or the Pullman Istanbul Airport and Convention Centre. Attending a trade fair at the CNR Expo facility and still looking for a conference hotel in Istanbul? Choose from our suggestions. Compare and book directly. We’ll be glad to assist you further by telephone: +41 (0)43 55 66 441 or email: The team of the MICE Service Group is there for you.

Istanbul – An alluring destination straddling two continents

There’s no question Istanbul is a historic city. But it’s also on the move forward. Somewhere between Islamic tradition and youthful ease. Young Turks bring the lifestyle of European metropolises to the Bosporus. But once you hear the muezzin calling people to prayer, you know you’re not in a Western European country. Enjoy the stunning sunsets at the Bosporus or on a rooftop terrace – high above the city with the world-famous scene of the Galata Bridge and minarets of the Süleymaniye Mosque.

Welcome to the city of unrivalled allure!